Skin Analysis Counseling

Ever wondered how old your skin is compared to your actual age?Take Nature Sense Skin Analysis test to discover your skin age and create a perfect skin regimen for yourself.

Why a Skin Consultation is needed ?

Skin Age

Determine your skin is aging based on your current age.

Know your skin better

Use the test result to know how your skin fares as compared to over 1000 individuals across the world.

A suitable Skin Regimen

The test results is used to determine and treat your current skin conditions.

Quick & Easy

Drop by our centre and get an analysis in 5 minutes. You can even choose to do the test with your make-up on.

Our innovative skin analyzer evaluate 10 keys to healthy skin

Pore Size & Oil Level
Hydration Level
Presense or absense of age spot
Deep Layer Pigmentation
UV Spots
Contamination Area
Sensitive Skin Area
White head and Blackheads

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All consultation are carried out in our centre. These are safe, hygienic environments measured against clinical standards. We provide well-established consultation and use the latest innovative technology. Client confidentiality and privacy are important to us, and we will never divulge any of your information to third parties.

Skin consultation is FREE if you proceed to book 
ANY Nature Sense’s products afterwards.